Feel great and be confident

Mira’s coaching methods will change your perspective and provide you with tools to deal with emotional & relationship matters.

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Co-Active Coaching

Demartini Facilitation

The Breakthrough Experience®
The Demartini Value Determination Process®


Goal Setting

Healthpointe Coaching


Nia White Belt Practitioner

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My coaching purpose

I want to help people feel liberated through empowerment and increase their productivity on all levels of life. I want to help people to see things from an empowered perspective. My curiosity is one skill that makes me a great coach. I can listen well and ask powerful questions.

My coaching philosophy

I believe that people are capable of transforming their lives by providing them with some reflection and direction . I believe that the client should hold the power in coaching intervention. My goal is to help the client in his or her process of personal development.


"Mira is passionate about helping people live inspired lives."
Cynthia Mundy

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